Coral Springs Craft Guild

Spring Events

     Our first Spring Event is our annual participation in the Festival of the Arts at the Walk.  We love talking to attendees about the Craft Guild and we always include a free crafting activity for children! Many of our members had participated in the workshops held to create the handcrafted items we offered for sale, helping to support our activities for the year.  

     In April, we held our most exciting Spring Event…the judging for our annual scholarships!  Nineteen local high school seniors submitted their artwork samples and our members faced the VERY difficult challenge of judging them  to award our annual Scholarships.  For First Place, a $750 scholarship was awarded to Maya Simunek.  Our Second Place scholarship was awarded to Miyka’el Leonardo.  It was  a $500 scholarship awarded to in honor of Michele Pennetti who was a very talented member of the Guild for 35 years.  Third place was a $500 scholarship in memory of Sky Belcher, a taented young man who lost his life far too young, which was awarded to Valentina Rodriguez.  CONGRATULATIONS to these three VERY talented artists, and our thanks to all of them who submitted their artwork!! Our best wishes to each of them in their future artistic endeavors!